Autumn Treasures

Look at my treasures

Look at my treasures

For our first session with our youngest adventurers, we wanted something that captured their imagination but also allowed them to explore the woods. Natural materials, a treasure hunt and fairies seemed the perfect combination

The first task was to decorate mini wooden treasure chests. Stripes, spots, swirls and fairies were drawn with brightly coloured felt tip pens and a touch of sparkle was added with glitter and shiny shapes. Each child carefully filled their treasure box with cotton wool and then after a quick snack we set off to look for Autumn treasures.

Our woods looks spectacular at the moment and eager children set off into the woods to collect mini treasures to fill their chest. But had the fairies been busy as well and left edible treats. Sudden squealing and screeching confirmed they had indeed paid us a visit and shiny chocolate coins were added to the chests as well.

The children returned to the circle and we looked at and discussed their treasure before they set off home. Now we wonder what they will use their mini treasure chests for? A jewellery box, a memory box or a box to put out for the tooth fairy!

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