Barefoot Walk

That feels really funny

That feels really funny

Autumn is a great time of the year to stimulate children’s senses. Colourful leaves provide a spectacular feast for the eyes, berries and seeds are stimulating our sense of smell and crunching through the leaves is a great sound for children and adults a like! But we were looking for a new sense sensation and a barefoot walk was perfect.

A group of girls who were up for the challenge set off to the woods and begun by building a giant ladder from sticks. The ladder was then filled with all sorts of natural materials. Spiky, prickly, soft and bumpy, everything from pine cones, beech masts, straw, mud and sand was placed inbetween the rungs of the ladder.

It was time to test the girls’ courage, would they be brave enough to walk along the ladder in bare feet … and blindfolded? Our intrepid explorers took off their footwear and, with a friend to guide them, set off along the ladder. The air was filled with the sound of squeals and giggling as one by one they completed the challenge. But yet more danger lay ahead!

Would they be brave enough to put their hands into the ‘plastic bag of doom’! The answer of course was yes, although some quickly removed their hands once they touched the spiky contents! (sweet chestnut shells)

The girls were very keen to try the ladder again and again until we had to call a halt to the activity before frostbite began to set in! A simple activity that can adapted for any age group, go on give it a try!
Autumn 2014

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