Easter Egg Fun

By the time Easter comes around the weather is generally getting better and there is more opportunity to get outside. But there is a lot more to do than just the classic Easter Egg Hunt as a group of children found out when they attended a recent Woodland Sprites session.

Easter Eggs

A group of younger children joined us today for a Woodland Sprites session all about eggs. After talking about all the animals that are born in eggs (great general knowledge children) we painted some plastic eggs and hung them on a tree. The children designed their own egg, some preferring stripes and spots and others swirls and ‘puddles’. We set about making an animal to live in our egg using plasticine. There were lots of imaginary creatures as well as some birds, snakes and crocodiles.

After a quick snack we set about making some more creatures and nests using natural materials this time. Finally we had an egg hunt around the woods, looking for eggs containing a little Easter chick. There was then some time for free play in the woods, climbing trees and collecting materials before we returned home with our eggs and creatures.
March 2013

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