Mud Pie Cafe

Mud, glorious mud!

Mud, glorious mud!

Our first Woodland Sprite session of 2013 and the focus was mud! For many of the group this was their first Woodland Sprite session and on our way to the woods we collected lots of berries and seeds. Once we arrived at the woods each child collected a bowl and a spoon and then the fun began.

The children chose their spot and then began mixing the mud and creating all sorts of wonderful food for their cafe. There were hot dogs made from mud and sticks, mud pizzas with crunchy beech nut toppings and mud muffins with red berry cherries. The children even made drinks, the most popular drink was hot chocolate with feather marshmallows.

Everyone agreed it was the best session ever and we are now making plans to open a mud kitchen in our woods.
Autumn 2013

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