Nature Detectives

“There no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!”. During a recent Woodland Sprites session children found out you can even more fun outdoors when it is raining.

What else are puddles for?

What else are puddles for?

Wet, wet, wet but that means even more fun! We held our Woodland Sprites session on Saturday in the pouring rain, but everyone was soon wrapped up in waterproofs and off to the woods to look for minibeasts. The girls eagerly picked up stones, bricks and rotting pieces of wood and were rewarded with a fine collection of slugs, woodlice, earwigs, beetles and spiders.


During the session large puddles formed in the woods, so after a game of puddle jumping, we returned to school for snack. Finally we made some binoculars ready for our next nature detective adventure. Let’s hope the weather is better next time or maybe not!
May 2013

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